Migtown Donation


Just want to give free money? Be sure to read the full product description.



Love our content and just want to give us free money? Before you proceed, please understand the following:

  1. You are giving us money without any expectation of a service or good delivered to you or anyone else,
  2. You are not entitled to a tax receipt. We are not a political party, third party political advertiser, or political action committee (PAC),
  3. We are a for-profit enterprise. We are not a charity or a nonprofit entity. Your donation may be used to pay contractors, purchase equipment, or withdrawn as profit at our sole discretion,
  4. There will be absolutely no refunds given for transactions. All sales of this item are FINAL, and
  5. You may suggest a purpose you would like your donation to be used for, but we reserve the right to use your funds anywhere it is needed.

Increments are done in $5 USD, to donate more, just increase the quantity.