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Bonus Episode 001: Nick Rekieta & KenJenningsKF

Migtown Podcast Bonus Episode 001: Nick Rekieta & KenJenningsKF vs Drexel

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Bringing it back to the man who started it all. Drexel and Producer Tim welcome Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law to the show. Nick has had Drexel and Producer Tim as guests on his YouTube live show. Nick also needs to answer for that e-thot stream.

Also joining us is KenJenningsKF of Kiwi Farms fame. He is a therapist who puts diagnoses to the insane behavior we see from online personalities such as Maddox and Melinda Scott.

We also discuss the 12 Days of Thotmas, Chris Hansen and getting catfished, the People’s Vagina, the fallacy of zero tolerance bullying and how it applies to children with disabilities, Nick’s voice acting talent, checking medicine cabinets, mental health issues in the black community, and disqualifiers vs qualifiers.